We merge tradition with innovation for end-to-end craft solutions that produce flavorful grains with a story. We collaborate with thoughtful mills, maltsters, brewers, distillers, bakers and chefs.



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Since 2012, we’ve been at the forefront of the craft grain movement helping to repatriate flavorful heritage and ancient grains while pioneering the end-to-end processes for a sustainable craft grain economy. We are passionate about flavor.


We select grains based on flavor, color, and nuance with an effective end use in mind.


We manage the entire growing process to ensure clean, sustainable practices.


Our cutting-edge , custom cleaning facility provides food grade, craft cleaning.


We work with you to add value and story to your products you serve.

Sossaman farms x grain r&d


After 6 years of helping to pioneer the heritage grain movement in Arizona and across the country, Sossaman Farms took  a critical step forward with the launch of a new project, Grain R&D. This unique project establishes a first of its kind, true end-to-end craft-driven grain infrastructure and supply chain featuring direct collaboration with the culinary community.

Grain R&D encompasses the entire process of grain from Seed Selection, Cultivation, and Harvest, to Precision Cleaning, Storage and End-use Collaboration with brewers, distillers, bakers & chefs.

During the journey of the first 6 years, it became clear that without building a new infrastructure based on craft targets like flavor and nutrition, bottlenecks from the existing centralized, industrial grain system would always create roadblocks for the meaningful scaling and accessibility of the heritage grain movement. Grain R&D bridges the gap by merging tradition with technology for a sustainable future.

Perhaps no other food requires collaboration more than grains. Grain R&D is built for partnerships. We work with Brewers, Distillers, Malsters, Mills, Chefs, Bakers and Farms to help create meaningful products full of connection, flavor and craft. 


All of our wheats, ryes and barleys are grown locally in the state of Arizona using clean, sustainable practices. We proudly partner with the Nature Conservancy to help preserve the water in the Verde River. Additionally, we love partnering with indigenous Native American tribes. All of our products are identity preserved, with traceability from end to end.

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  • Emmer (Farro Medio)
    Emmer (Farro Medio)

    One of the oldest surviving wheats (along with Einkorn and Spelt) dating back over 6,000 years and originally cultivated in the Fertile Crescent. Emmer is a hulled wheat and requires extra steps in cleaning and dehulling before it can be used in food applications. Lower gluten content, but a higher protein level allows this to be used as an inclusion in bread, or standalone as fresh made pasta.

  • Einkorn (Farro Piccolo)
    Einkorn (Farro Piccolo)

    In German, Einkorn translates to “single grain,” Einkorn wheat was one of the first plants to be domesticated and cultivated. The earliest clear evidence of the domestication of Einkorn dates from 9,000BC. Another hulled wheat that we have found to thrive in our Arizona desert. A high protein wheat, but is much softer than a hard red wheat. Soft, with a sweet buttery flavor, Einkorn is an incredible addition to breads, beer, and distillates to provide a nuanced taste to set itself apart.

  • Blue beard durum
    Blue beard durum

    An ancient variety of Durum wheat, originating from the Fertile Crescent. This Durum has beautiful blue awns and a rich yellow hued kernel. High protein and great gluten strength to be best suited for milling into semolina for fresh pasta.

  • Organic Non-GMO Yellow Corn
    Organic Non-GMO Yellow Corn

    A premium yellow corn with a sweet flavor perfect for grits and cornmeal. Also, when cracked, this is a staple in distillates.

  • Organic Non-GMO Blue corn
    Organic Non-GMO Blue corn

    An heirloom variety of blue corn with a sweet, rich flavor. This variety of corn is a mainstay in our distilling customer’s mash bill for their bourbons.

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GRAIN R&D is a Sossaman Farms project, a 100yr old heritage farm in Queen Creek, Arizona.

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